Monday, May 20, 2013

May is Mystery Month

May is a great time to have a party--or many of them--in honor of your favorite mystery writers.  Yes, May is full of mystery writer birthdays!!  Here are some famous writers to celebrate, as well as a reminder of their famous characters.

May 2: CHARLOTTE ARMSTRONG. 1957 Edgar Award Winner for A Dram of Poison.

May 6: JEFFREY DEAVER. He created Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic detective, who is perhaps his most famous character.

May 12: LESLIE CHARTERIS.  Wrote mysteries about Simon Templar, also known as "The Saint."

May 13: DAPHNE DUMAURIER.  She is famous for her gothic and atmospheric suspense novels, including Rebecca, The House on the Strand, and Jamaica Inn.

Daphne du Maurier

May 20: MARGERY ALLINGHAM.  She created the popular character Campion, the "gentleman sleuth."

May 22: ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. A Scottish physician and the legendary creator of Sherlock Holmes!

May 23: GRAHAM MONTAGUE JEFFRIES: Blackshirt is a "gentleman criminal" in a series created by Graham Montague Jeffries (aka Bruce Graeme), and later by his son, Roderic Jeffries.

May 24: MARY WILLIS WALKER: Won the 1993 Edgar Award for her novel Red Scream.

May 25: ROBERT LUDLUM: This prolific American thriller author wrote 27 books, including The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

May 27: DASHIELL HAMMETT and TONY HILLERMAN: Hammett was the creator of Sam Spade and Nick and Nora Charles; he wrote The Maltese Falcon.  Hillerman was famous for his Navajo Tribal police mystery series, with protagonists Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee.

May 28: IAN FLEMING. Famous for his series of spy novels featuring James Bond (007), he was also an author, a journalist, and a naval intelligence officer.

May 29: G.K. CHESTERTON: Famous for the Father Brown mysteries, Chesterton was also a writer of "philosophy, ontology, poetry, plays, journalism, public lectures, literary and art criticism, biography, Christian apologetics, and fiction" (Wikipedia).

Pick an author or two and rediscover them in honor of their birthdays!!


Sheila Connolly said...

My goodness, I fit quite neatly among those authors--my birthday's the 25th. Should I send Robert Ludlum a card?

Anonymous said...

linda Fairstein is May 5! Be sure to read my tribute to her on May 5 at Thelma Straw in Manhattan

Julia Buckley said...

Sheila, I think you should!!

And Happy Birthday to you--celebrate all month long!

Linda, a good addition to the list!

Kath said...

Rats. I missed May by less than two weeks.
Grump, grump, grump.