Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Giveaway Winners--Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS of our book give-away contest:

From Julia Buckley:
Thanks to all who requested a MADELINE MANN or TEDDY THURBER book! Dru, Katreader, Janel, and AvidReader, if you'll send your e-mail addresses to, I'll send links to the free books on to you!! Thanks for playing our giveaway game.

From Jeri Westerson:
Candace from Maine, get ready to claim your prize! You can e-mail Jeri with your address.

From Liz Zelvin
Look for a private email asking for your mailing address.

From Sheila Connolly:

And the winners are (drumroll, please) Kaye for BITTER HARVEST, and Deb Desk for LETS PLAY DEAD.

Since you both provided emails, I'll send an email to you offlist for your mailing address.

From Sandra Parshall:

The winner of UNDER THE DOG STAR is Kay.

The winner of THE HEAT OF THE MOON is Bobbie

Please send your full names and addresses to me at and I'll get your books in the mail.  

From Sharon Wildwind: 

The winner of  MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD is Prentiss Gardner.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

More winners to follow! Stay tuned today.


by Julia Buckley

My son got a guitar as an 8th grade graduation present. In the three years since, he has become a very good guitarist, and he has bestowed affectionate and creative names on all the guitars in his growing (and arguably obsessive) collection of instruments.

His first guitar, an acoustic, was initially dubbed "Acousty Joe," but is now fondly known as "Paco."

The second in his collection, a black electric Ibanez RG120, became "The Obsidian Avenger," and, more recently, "The Black Knight." My son also sometimes calls it Joviana, a name he made up just for his guitar.

My husband's cherry-red Epiphone Dot guitar is called "The Red Devil," "The Crimson Dynamo," "The War Horse," and, for reasons unclear, "Pleasure Randy." My husband enjoys saying, "I'm going to go saddle up the warhorse and ride into battle." This means, of course, that he wants to play the guitar for a while.

Then there is the Epiphone Custom Les Paul electric guitar, shared by my husband and son. This one has been dubbed "The Fire Lance," and "The Righteous Inferno."

And last, my husband's birthday gift of a jewel-blue Ibanez GSR200 bass guitar. This guitar is so new that they are still trying out nicknames to see what sticks. My son is lobbying for "The Cobalt Centurion," while I fancy "The Naval Commander," (since it is navy blue).

Feel free to add your suggestions.

I shared this with you only to emphasize how important words are to us--as forms of expression, as messages of affection, as outlets for creativity, as ambassadors which bond us to other people and, in this case, things.

Perhaps in a future post I'll share my son's musical talent as he strums away on Paco, or exorcises his aggression with The Obsidian Avenger. :)


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