Saturday, March 19, 2011

Canada Calling: Young Adult Mystery Lovers

Recent books by Canadian authors for young adult readers. Links are listed in place of just showing you the covers because
A) covers are copyrighted
B) You’ll learn lots more about the books, and their authors by visiting the sites, and
C) the sites have Facebook and Twitter links.

A dozen cool Canadian authors for your summer reading list. Yes, I know it's only March, but since these are Canadian authors it may take a little while for you to get the books. If you get them early, you have my permission to read them before school lets out for the summer.

Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning, Doubleday Canada
Third book in a trilogy. Lots of other-world stuff happening. Ties in to just about every para-normal genre going.

Marty Chan, Mystery of the Cyber Bully, Thistledown Press
Also third in a series. Three kids pay a price when they take on a cyber bully.

Lisa Harrington, Rattled, Nimbus Publishing
Debut novel. New neighbors move in across the street from a fifteen-year-old girl, but they aren’t as nice as they appear.

Y S Lee, The Agency: A Spy in the House and The Agency: The Body in the Tower, Candlewick Press, Random House of Canada
Books 1 and 2 in the series. Victorian London, a reformed girl, and a group of young female private enquiry agents.

Paul Marlowe, Sporeville and Knights of the Sea, Sybertooth Inc.
Late 1800s in a boring Cape Breton, Nova Scotia fishing village. Or is it all that boring? The mushrooms don’t seem to think so. Spooky, quirky, strange, and very funny.

Norah McClintock, In Too Deep and Something to Prove (Robyn Hunter Mysteries), Scholastic
She’s bringing her nine-book series to a close with these two. I recommend starting at the beginning with Last Chance. Robyn is a teenage girl confronting the harder issues of the adult world. (homelessness, smuggling immigrants, suicide, etc.)

Shane Peacock, Eye of the Crow, Death in the Air, Vanishing Girl, and The Secret Fiend; Tundra Books Canada
Sherlock Holmes solving crimes as a young boy.

Yvonne Prinz, The Vinyl Princess, HarperCollins Publishers
A teen-ager, a set of headphones, and a vinyl record collection. A combination that turns out to be not your average summer job.

Shirlee Smith Matheson, Jailbird Kid, Dundurn
Think your family doesn’t understand you? Try having an ex-con for a father and an uncle in the “business."

Allan Stratton, Borderline, HarperCollins Publishers
Sami Sabiri is the only Muslim kid in his school. His father is lying to him. The FBI is investigating his family’s terrorist contacts. Sami is determined to save his father, his family, and life.

Barrie Summy, I So Don’t Do … Mysteries, Spooky, Makup, Famous (Four books in the Sherry Holmes Baldwin! series);Delacorte Press Random House of Canada
Sherry has a ghost for a mother, a step-mother for The Ruler, a cute boyfriend, a gaggle of girl friends and mysteries to solve. Personally, she’d rather drop the mysteries and spend more time with the cute boyfriend, but then whoever gets what she wants?

JoAnn Yhard, The Fossil Hunters of Sydney Mines, Nimbus Publishing
A thirteen year-old and her friends believe that an accident was something more.

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