Friday, September 3, 2010

Sights and sounds in the night . . .

By Lonnie Cruse

Sometimes I can't get to sleep. When that happens, I've finally learned not to wrestle the bed. (Like I could win, anyhow? Not.) I usually get up, and if need be, take a melatonin. And have a very light snack, to help me relax. I find chocolate helps the best. And what woman doesn't? Where was I?

Recently I got up to get the melatonin and the snack and glanced out the kitchen window. Hmmm. The motion sensor light was on. Okay, no panic, that happens a lot. We live in the country. A large variety of animals pass through here both day and night.

Then I looked out the living room window and nearly jumped right out of my jammies. A deer (doe) was standing right beside the front porch, only about 15 feet from the front door, apparently snacking on the food we put out for the birds. She scared me, and obviously I scared her, because she took flight as soon as she saw me. I didn't sleep well the rest of the night, and I suspect she didn't sleep much either.

Sights and sounds are soooo much scarier at night. Even with big lights outside. Even when you actually see what set off the motion lights. Children like night lights. So do adults.

Suspense novels are set, for the most part, in the dark. Ditto for scary movies and television shows. Writers/producers use darkness to set the tone. Even in daylight, dark surroundings can be used to set the tone.

So, how about you, dear reader? Scared of the dark? Nervous? Peeking out the window to see what set off the motion lights? Keep a flashlight handy?

Do you read scary books at bedtime? Do they keep you awake? Do you listen for things that go "bump" in the night? And what is your idea of scary???

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Sandra Parshall said...

We have so many animals in our yard -- and on our patio -- at night that we're used to noises outside. (Baby raccoons, I can report, love to knock over an empty water bucket and roll it around.) We see deer close to the house all the time. Animals don't scare me. People scare me. If I looked out and saw a strange person in the yard in the middle of the night, I would be terrified, and I would promptly call the police. We have lights on all night, all around the outside of the house. Maybe it's a waste of power, but it gives me peace of mind.