Monday, September 20, 2010

Giving a Literary Gift

by Julia Buckley
I've been gift-hunting online lately; it's so much easier than driving or walking to a variety of stores, searching for that perfect something. And even if it seems early for Christmas shopping, online gifts can be bookmarked for later purchase. All in all, virtual shopping seems quite preferable to the real and more exhausting kind--and in the end, you still get a product to wrap and share.

Many of the gift recipients on my list are literary types, so I was thrilled to find all of the potential presents that meet this requirement. Just to give a sampling:

Classic mystery lovers would enjoy this Sherlock Holmes Journal, available at Cafe Press. It's moody and colorful enough to encourage them to write their own mysteries between its covers.

Authors, if you want to show your agent your undying love this season, try wearing this and sending it with a Christmas or Hanukkah card.

Does someone on your list love science fiction? Why not buy them this purse, which can be a constant reminder of their favorite genre?

Is there a mystery lover who doesn't love the rich, colorful art of the old Nancy Drew books? Thrill your loved one with this address book and be sure that your own address is written in so they know where to send the thank you card. :)

Enjoy a good satirical cartoon? You can have one put onto the product of your choice, for the enjoyment of that sardonic writer in the family.

This one is my favorite: Russian literature fans would love this map of St. Petersburg, which is made up entirely of the words of Russian authors. You need to see it to believe its beauty.

If you love Agatha Christie (and are willing to fork over 3000 dollars), you can find a signed book page here. I was pleased to see that Dame Agatha had lovely handwriting which makes her signature as readable as her mysteries.

And finally, for the writer or reader on your list, how about a tiny book on a necklace, so her beloved hobby is always close to her heart?

What do you think? Does this get you thinking about that Christmas list? Or does it just make you want to read?

Either pastime sounds most enjoyable.


Sheila Connolly said...

Love, love, love the tiny book charms! I already have a pair of silver book earrings, and a handcuffs pendant. They're great to wear for signings or conferences, because you always get questions about them. Oh, and I have a stone skull pendant too, but I haven't had the nerve to wear it yet. Of course, "normal" people (that is, non-writers) may think I'm a little weird.

Sandra Parshall said...

I have a pewter key chain charm in the form of a book with Agatha Christie's name on the front and a quote from her ("Every murderer is somebody's old friend") on the back. Charms for a number of writers (including Arthur Conan Doyle) are available.

Vicki Lane said...

The map is a veritable knock out! What a great idea someone had!

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Another item for your list: I love my leather book weights, to hold the book open so you can read no-hands, eg while eating dinner. I have two, a red one and a turquoise one, with my name in gold. Levenger's has them (at least in brown leather), and I've seen them elsewhere too. The only catch to buying them online is that they're heavy.

Julia Buckley said...

Sheila, in my online travels I also found a silver revolver necklace, but it cost a pretty penny. :)

Sandra, that sounds wonderful--I still have a charm bracelet that my mother started when I was a girl, and it would be nice to update the charms.

Vicki, I love it, too. I teach CRIME AND PUNISHMENT and I'd love to get it for my classroom (and, selfishly, for my own enjoyment).

Liz, I love perusing the Levenger site, although they're almost always out of my price range. But someday . . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!