Saturday, June 6, 2009

Men of Mystery quiz

After our Women of Mystery quiz, it was suggested by several readers--all male by the way--that we should do a male version. Ta da! Here it is. Twelve authors chosen because they were part of my library's recent display of mystery and suspense writers.

Check back Sunday evening for the answers. Good luck!

1. This author created Elvis Cole and Joe Pike who made their debut in The Monkey’s Raincoat. Robert Crais

2. This thriller writer has won an Edgar, A Shamus and the Anthony award. His titles include Tell No One and No Second Chance. Harlan Coben

3. This writer created ex-cop turned detective, Matt Scudder and wrote one of my favorite books, When the Sacred Ginmill Closes. Lawrence Block

4. His main character, Hitchcock Sewell, a funeral director was introduced in The Hearse You Came In On. Tim Cockey

5. His wife, Faye, and son, Jesse, are also writers. Jonathan Kellerman

6. Although he wrote several books featuring lawyer Matthew Hope this author is probably best known for his books about the police officers in the 87th Precinct. Ed McBain

7. Stacy Keach brought this author’s hard-boiled creation to life on television. Mickey Spillane

8. The late Robert Urich played this writer’s popular detective on TV. Robert Parker

9. He is the creator of Jack Reacher. Lee Child

10. His books, featuring detective Jacqueline Daniels, are named for drinks. JA Konrath

11. Janaury 19th was the one hundredth anniversary of this writer, author of The Tell-Tale Heart. Our mentor, Mr. Poe

12. He is the author of The Mark, The Guilty, and The Stolen. Jason Pinter

And now a personal note. This will be my last post as one of the Deadly Daughters. I'm taking some time to take care of a health issue. Thank you to all our readers, and a special thank you to my blog sisters; Sandra, Liz, Sharon, Lonnie and Julia. You're the best.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

You're good! I only knew a few of these. I'll have to check back for the answers.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lori said...

Strangely, I know all the even ones!

Hope you feel better soon.

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

I knew all except two that had TV actor references. Darlene, writing or not, you are a Deadly Daughter no matter what. :) Hugs and virtual chicken soup from this blog sister!

Sofie Kelly said...

Thank you Lori and Liz for the good wishes. (See why I'm going to miss my sisters?)

Jude said...

I got 8 of them. And I think my library had the same display!

Kaye Wilkinson Barley - Meanderings and Muses said...

#7 has me stumped.
This was fun - I love quizzes!