Thursday, March 26, 2009

Covers of 2008, Part 2

Here are some more covers from mysteries published in 2008. We put out a call for authors who loved their covers and got a great response. If you're eligible to vote for the Anthonys nominees (including the cover art category), you have a ballot that asks for your picks by author and title and also book format (hardback, trade paper, or mass market paperback). Authors can add format information as a comment at the end of this post. Or folks who want to vote for them to be nominated can check Amazon for the format. If you didn't see the first batch (Covers of 2008) last Thursday, March 19, you can find that post via the search box or scrolling down on the blog. Again, we're not connected in any way with the Anthonys--just giving as many covers as we can wider circulation.

Donna Andrews, Cockatiels at Seven and Six Geese A-Slaying

Rhys Bowen, A Royal Pain and Tell Me, Pretty Maiden

Libby Fischer Hellman, Easy Innocence

Sheila Connolly, One Bad Apple

Karen Olson, Shot Girl

Toni Kelner, Without Mercy

JL Wilson, Autographs, Abductions, and A-List Authors and Candy, Corpses, and Classified Ads

Leann Sweeney, Pushing Up Bluebonnets

Barbara Colley, Wash and Die

Charlotte Phillips, Hacksaw

CM Albrecht, Music

Franklin Levy, Die, Decorator, Die

Charlaine Harris & Toni Kelner, Wolfsbane and Mistletoe

Leslie Klinger, The New Annotated Dracula

Lois Carroll, Just A Memory

Maggie Bishop, Perfect for Framing

Marion Hill, Death Books A Return

Maryann Miller, One Small Victory

Nix Winter, The Silver Comb

Tony Wolfmont, Dying in a Winter Wonderland

Joanna Campbell Slan, Paper, Scissors, Death

Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard

RJ McDonnell, Rock & Roll Homicide

Larry Karp, The King of Ragtime

Deb Baker, Murder Talks Turkey (trade paperback)

LJ Sellers, The Sex Club

Michael Stanley, A Carrion Death

Mary Ellen Hughes, Paper-Thin Alibi

Elizabeth Zelvin, Death Will Get You Sober


J L said...

Thanks for doing this -- there are some great covers there and I'm happy to give kudos to my cover artist in particular (thanks, Kim!) My books are available via Amazon, B&N, etc. and feature 'mystery with a touch of romance, romance with a touch of gray'.

Thanks again!

Judi Fennell said...

Nice covers - definitely quite a few that caught my eye. And will soon catch my wallet! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this possible. It is certainly interesting to see so many covers side by side.

It's a shame that the artists get little or no credit for their work. How many of us can put a name to our cover artist?

L.J. Sellers said...

I can. Gwen Rhoads did the cover for The Sex Club. Thanks for this display.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm an idiot. I sent you my new cover (Brewed, Crude and Tattooed), not my 2008 Bean There, Done That, which would be the one eligible. Liz, can I send you the RIGHT one this time?


Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Sandy, send me your cover and I'll put it in with the smaller group I'm posting next week. Last call! I'll also post my jacket designer and photographer's names next week
(Sheila, check your back flap) and a little about my own cover's journey.

Anonymous said...

The cover designer for Paper-thin Alibi was Annette Fiore DeFex. I love the way she coordinated the innocent crafting materials with ominious murder implements. Colorful, but with a sinister background.

Anonymous said...

And the parade of covers continues.
Thanks, Liz. This is the most colorful blog ever.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Wow. These are really great. An author friend who's been in the business for decades told me that back in the day distributors would line up new books, stand back and see what jumped out at them. The ones that "jumped" were the ones they pushed because they knew the consumer would reach for them.
Author of Agatha-Nominated Paper, Scissors, Death

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Sheila, my cover artist is a wonderful guy by the name of Kevin Brown. He did the cover on Paper, Scissors, Death and on Cut, Crop & Die. Plus, he made the background files available to me to give away to my scrapbooking friends.

Snipit said...

There are a lot of great covers. I really like the "Rock & Roll Homicide" one. When I write my novel I would want something like that, very edgy.

Mary Ricksen said...

Great covers, wonderful artwork!

Pat said...

The cover of Rock and Roll Homicide is great! It is simple yet gets the point across. I really like it!

Anonymous said...

The cover design for Absinthe of Malice was by Andrej Godjevac, working with the publisher at Krill Press.

Krill is a start-up press and the publisher tests cover designs by flashing them at his wife. I'd say they both have impeccable taste. (-:

Thank you, Liz, for doing this. Just reminds us all how important covers are.

Pat Browning

Rosemary Harris said...

Too right about the cover guy is David Rotstein and he's worked tirelessly on the two Dirty Business covers. The artists very often have to serve many, publisher, sales dept. Can I still send mine in, Liz?
I love the range in this assortment!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors. Would you leave them as a public exhibit? It's an historical comment I think. The year of the cozies and blood red thrillers.


Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be "I love the covers." Sorry about the flying fingers.


Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Marilynne, that "colors" for "covers" could be homonym aphasia--enter that term in the search box and you'll see my blog on it a while back. Rosemary, I've got your cover. Any author who hasn't sent one in and would like to, please email it to me as a jpeg at BEFORE next Thursday, April 2, when we'll wrap up our 2008 gallery tour. Thanks, everybody, for making it so much fun. :)

Charlotte Phillips said...


Thanks so much for doing this - I love seeing all the covers together. Don't know how anyone will be able to pick a "best" out of these.


Michelle Gagnon said...

Thanks for posting these, Liz. There are some great ones here...

Anonymous said...

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