Friday, August 24, 2007

Killer Nashville '07

This picture was taken at Barnes and Noble in Franklin, TN. From left to right, Beth Terrel-Hicks, Honora Finklestein (seated) me in the back, Maggie Tousaint, and Susan Smiley (seated.)

I spent last weekend in Franklin, TN at the Killer Nashville conference. I had a great time, put faces to names of people I'd emailed back and forth with, and learned a lot. I also got some volunteers who agreed to be interviewed for my posts on Poe's Deadly Daughters. I'll surprise you with those at future dates.

One of the most fun things was seeing my books in the Barnes and Noble window. I've done signings at their stores in various cities but never had a book in the window. So of course I jumped in the air and made the CRM, Robbie Bryan laugh. Then I took a picture. Okay, so I'm easily entertained.

I sold several books, got some promo ideas from other authors, and bought a few books as well. I appeared on a panel about stand-alones vs series, moderated by Daniel Hale, and attended workshops given by Chris Roerden and Hallie Ephron. I already owned Chris's book on writing, and I bought Hallie's.

The picture on the right is me signing a book for my friend, Michael. Not my time to sign? NOooo problem!

Conferences always pump me up and make me want to get busy on my writing or editing. I've been struggling with both of my WIP's, knowing they need to be "beefed up" here and there. Now I'm ready to get back to work.
Well, as soon as I post this.
If you are a newbie writer, (or an oldbie) I suggest you attend any conference you can within your budget and driving distance, meet other authors, and do some networking. It's fun, you learn a lot, and you might even find your books in a bookstore window.


Sandra Parshall said...

The book in the window is a milestone I have yet to reach. I'm jealous! But happy for you, of course. :-)

Anonymous said...

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