Monday, January 22, 2007

Why Poe . . . continued...

Good morning and thanks for dropping by. I'm Lonnie and Mondays are my day of the week to post here. Can I get you a cup of tea? Fluff that pillow behind your back?

Why do I love Poe? One afternoon when our boys were small, we visited the local bookstore. I bought a book with the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, and it’s still carefully shelved among my favorite all time reads. I remembered studying Poe in high school, but frankly, while I got good grades there, I didn’t particularly retain a lot. Too busy boy watching.

Anyhow, I devoured the Poe book from cover to cover and fell in love. Not with Poe, necessarily, he's not my type, but with his dark style of writing. “The Telltale Heart” is probably my favorite of his works. A wonderful look at a conscience, guilty or otherwise. So why do I write light, humorous mysteries? Because that's what I tend to read, but I still bow to the master story spinner, Poe. He really knew how to sneak inside the reader's mind and stay there. People still show up at his grave site annually to honor his memory. The rest of us should be remembered so long!

When my blog sisters and I were kicking around the idea of calling ourselves Poe’s Deadly Daughters, I was all for it, because for me, the blog title draws a picture of dark and sophisticated, like a woman’s little black dress, the one she saves for special occasions . . . a seduction or a funeral.

Of course, not ALL of the posts here will be dark and/or sophisticated because we all write different mystery styles and we're all different (but exciting!) women. A bit about Poe's Deadly Daughters: Julia Buckley is the author of THE DARK BACKWARD, and she will be filling us in about her upcoming books. Elizabeth Zelvin's first mystery DEATH WILL GET YOU SOBER will be published in 2008 . Lonnie Cruse is the author of the Metropolis Mystery Series (book #4 due out this spring) and the Kitty Bloodworth/'57 Chevy series, which debuts in December. Sandra Parshall is the author of HEAT OF THE MOON, and her second, DISTURBING THE DEAD is due out in March. Sharon Wildwind is the author of the Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen mystery series, including SOME WELCOME HOME and FIRST MURDER IN ADVENT. We'll be chatting with you about all things mysterious.

I welcome you to our blog. Poe’s Deadly Daughters hope to seduce you, but we’ll try not to bury you. Muuuwhahahaha!


Unknown said...

I'll be checking in, so keep it clean.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post, great way to give respect to the works of a literary master! Looks like I've found another good blog.

Lonnie Cruse said...


I promise, we'll keep your delicate sensibilities in mind! Thanks for stopping by, Lonnie

Lonnie Cruse said...

Hey, appreciate the visit from Writers Group Blog!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous site! And quite an amazing group of writers. I've just put a short cut on my desktop--and I'm so eager to check in with you every day.

Unknown said...

Quoth the raven, evermore will I read this blog.

Miss Snark has Snarklings. Will we be Poe Relations?


Lonnie Cruse said...

Hi Hank, thanks for stopping by.

Carol, ABSOLUTELY! Our readers should be relations! Cousins? Kissin' Cousins? Let me get back to you on this. I love the idea. And I think Snarklings is a real hoot!

Julia Buckley said...

Sorry I just made it in! Busy week at work and all that. Lonnie, what a lovely tribute! And I sure can relate to the boy-watching thing. Those boys need lots of watching. :)

Lonnie Cruse said...


Yeah, and after we watched them, we gave birth to some, bringing more boys into the world. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

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