Monday, November 11, 2013

More Gift Ideas for the Booklover

by Julia Buckley

If you're like me, you start your holiday shopping early--perhaps because you're excited about giving gifts to those you love, or perhaps because it's more affordable to space the buying over several paychecks.  And if you're like me, you enjoy shopping at stationery stores or office supply stores, where there are endless products for those who love paper and pen. If there are people among your family and friends who love books, reading, or writing, here are some terrific gift ideas for them (from inexpensive to very expensive)!]

Even in this computer age, some people prefer to write longhand.  Barnes and Noble has all sorts of writer's journals, including this one with a Thoreau quote on the cover:

It's a lined journal, and costs less than fifteen dollars.  Search "inspirational journals" at the Barnes and Noble site and you'll find this one, along with all sorts of beautifully-illustrated blank books to please the creative soul in your life.

Do you have writers on your list?  Do they often get their inspiration while away from a notepad to jot it down upon? Even those who aren't novelists might appreciate being able to jot down grocery list items before they forget them. Consider giving them this--a waterproof notepad for the shower, made by Aquanotes.  This little stocking stuffer costs only eight dollars, but might lead to a million-dollar idea.  It has a nearly five star product rating.

If your giftee reads a kindle, iPad or other electronic reader, consider getting them a caddy which not only props up the device, but offers little pockets for reading glasses, tissue (for sad books), pens, and a phone.  Nothing like giving someone the gift of convenience and organization.  This particular caddy is on sale for 25 dollars at  Click on the tab called "gift ideas" for more great reading and writing products, divided by price range.

For those who like to keep track of every book they read (for the sake of recommending or re-reading), here's a pretty journal for recording books.  Find it on Amazon or at Potter Style.

Finally, Etsy has all sorts of jewelry for booklovers, including this lovely Polonius quote necklace from Shakespeare's HAMLET.  I have bought a variety of literary jewelry from Etsy artisans, and I've never been disappointed in the quality of the work. 

Hopefully these images have inspired some gift-buying ideas.  May you enjoy the gift-seeking journey.  


Elizabeth Zelvin said...

A couple more stoccking-stuffer ideas: for writers who get their ideas in the middle of the night, an LED-lit pen. For those who get their ideas while driving, a small voice recorder. Nowadays it's easy to record on your smart phone, but hard to do hands-free.

Julia said...

Good points. I had a voice recorder once before, but felt self-conscious using it. I think if you get into the habit of it, you can reap great benefits from it (and you and others can find it interesting years later). :)