Monday, September 30, 2013

Touring Chicago's Lakeshore

On a splendidly sunny day in Chicago, my school took part
in their annual walk-a-thon along Chicago's Lakeshore.
While I live in the near suburbs of the city, I seldom make it
to the lovely Lakeshore, and when I'm there I always tell myself I should
visit more often.
Several of these sailboats were just going out into the
lake--I'm guessing to prepare for a race.
There is always a multitude of bikers and joggers on the path.

I took some terrific shots while walking along this fence.

And all I had to do was lean over to see these ducks
swimming toward me.  I fear they were looking for treats, and I had none.

There are plenty of trees along the way, providing delicious
shade for overheated joggers.

My favorite street.  :)

I found this little bicycle rather picturesque against the blue water.

These geese found both the shade and some lunch. 

Some kind walkers accommodated my goofy picture idea.

Nearing the end!

And getting a well-deserved rest before boarding the buses.

If you visit Chicago, spend some time walking on the path along Lake Michigan.
You'll be inspired by its beauty!

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