Monday, August 26, 2013

For the Boy Who Has Everything

by Julia Buckley

My youngest son turned fifteen yesterday; this is an interesting birthday, because I can no longer take care of his presents by simply buying a slew of Batman toys.  Now I have to consider his interests and talents and buy gifts for the boy who, for all intents and purposes, has everything.  So how did we spend his birthday?

We started with our family tradition of a birthday boy placemat (this year with accompanying treasure chest, cup of tea, homey candle, and gift pile.  And, as you can see in the background, a cat named Mr. Mulliner who insisted on being in on things).

One of the gifts was a Squishable walrus from his brother, whom Graham, despite his advanced age, carried around for much of the day (occasionally using it as a projectile).

He spent some time with his brother and cousin Joe (the latter of whom was born just two weeks before Graham, so can relate to being a high school freshman, and had lots to talk about with his cousin).

Graham got to spend some valuable time with his grandparents.

And they gave him an heirloom cardinal ornament (they're both big birdwatchers).

Two more cousins--Kate and Pam--enjoyed talking about the new school year.

Graham and Ian posed for a simulated 19th Century portrait.  :)

He also got some valuable aunt and uncle time (my sister borrowed her husband's cowboy hat for the photo).

The walrus somehow picked up a hat, as well.

Graham, a mustache aficionado, received a new set for his disguise drawer.

And at the end of the night, he got to spend some quality time with a very tired canine, who spent 
almost all day begging and barking.  Then that puppy just cashed out in his bed--which is pretty 
much what Graham did.  :)

So because of our long weekend of 1) cleaning  2) partying  3) cleaning, I didn't have much blogging time.  That's why I figured I'd share the pictures and let you celebrate vicariously through my teen.

Have a great week!!

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