Monday, January 28, 2013

Need Affirmation?

by Julia Buckley

It's a New Year, and we're all striving to be better people via our recent resolutions.  Right?  Do people's resolutions last through January, or do they tend to fall by the wayside?  My own resolutions are what I'd describe as "floundering, but not dead."

Sometimes, when I'm feeling sort of depressed about a goal that didn't come to fruition, I seek affirmation from an outside source.  Thanks to the glorious Internet, I can find this support all day long (if I had all day).

Maybe I'd check into the only 100 Affirmations I'll Ever Need, by Life Coach Farnoosh Brock.

Or perhaps I want to venture to YouTube for a video with 500 affirmations, read to me in a mellow voice by  some New Age guy named David McGraw.

It might be that I need to learn to Think Like a Millionaire in order to be successful. This one is pretty compelling, with beautiful nature images and some mysterious whispery sounds that are apparently sharing some universal secrets with me.

Maybe I need to study the WikiHow page about How to Be Confident about myself and my goals.

Or maybe I should go to motivational speaker Les Brown, who can help me Unwrap My Infinite Greatness. (I do love Les Brown).

Jennifer Fisher tells me, via her YouTube video, that I just need to Dare to Believe in Myself!

Maybe I just need to be inspired by someone from a television commercial.

Do you ever need affirmation from the world?  How do you find it?  How do you use it?  And how are those resolutions coming along, anyway?  :)

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