Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Deadly Daughters Summer Give-Away

Drum roll, please! And the winners are:

Winner of Bleeding Through: Lauren K
Send mailing address to Sandy at

Winner of Outrageous Older Woman and Shifting is for the Goyim: Dru Ann Love
Liz will be in touch.

Winners of The Ghosts of Lovely Women: Penny T, Warren Bull, Lelia Taylor
Contact Julia at

Winner of Sour Apples: Nora
Send mailing addresses to Sheila at

Winner of Troubled Bones: Giovanni Albers
Send mailing address to Jeri at

Winner of Missing, Presumed Wed: judydee
Send mailing address to Sharon at
Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing!

We love our readers, and we appreciate your taking a few minutes out of your day to stop by our blog. To thank you, we're having a drawing for free books, downloads and music. Check out what's on offer, then leave a comment telling us what you'd like to win. We'll post the names of the winners here no later than Thursday afternoon. You'll have to give us your e-mail or snail-mail address to receive your prize, so be sure to check back tomorrow and find out whether you're a winner.

Sandra Parshall

I'm giving away a signed hardcover copy of my September release, Bleeding Through, the fifth book in the Rachel Goddard mystery/suspense series. As Tom Bridger works to solve the murder of a young law student, Rachel comes face to face with her hidden past, and both she and her sister Michelle must accept the truth about who they are and what happened to them as children. Kirkus Reviews praised Bleeding Through, saying that it "combines nerve-wracking suspense with a twisty mystery."

Elizabeth Zelvin

I'm straying off the straight and narrow path of mysteries and (retronym alert!) "physical books" to bring you a couple of offbeat offerings: a copy of OUTRAGEOUS OLDER WOMAN, my CD of original songs, and a PDF of Shifting Is for the Goyim, my paranormal whodunit novelette.

As Liz Zelvin, I've been singing almost as long as I've been writing, and this collection of urban folk originals with a dash of country, a little gospel, a little klezmer, and a lot of fun and life experience has been simmering in the pot for decades. I'm pretty sure anyone who liked the Sixties will enjoy it.

Paranormal is something new for me. I think you'll like my protagonist, a nice Jewish girl who's also a rising country music star and a shapeshifter. I'm offering the PDF, which you don't need an e-reader to read, because I haven't figured out how to send one of the e-formats as a freebie. If you don't win it, you can get it for almost nothing on Untreed Reads in any digital format you can imagine.

Julia Buckley

I'm offering two readers a copy of my Teddy Thurber mystery The Ghosts of Lovely Women, which has a 5 star ranking in the U.S. and the U.K.  Check it out at Amazon here and be sure to read the reviews. Teddy is a bibliophile who teaches English; she cannot help but become embroiled in the mystery behind the murder of her former student, Jessica Halliday, especially because Jessica seems to have used literature itself to point Teddy toward her killer. This book is currently only available on Kindle, but you won't need a Kindle if you win it--you can get a free reading frame to devour the book on your own P.C.

Jeri Westerson

I’m offering a signed hardcover of Troubled Bones. In this fourth in the series, disgraced knight Crispin Guest gets himself into some serious trouble in London and is forced to accept an assignment far out of town. The Archbishop of Canterbury has specifically requested Crispin to investigate a threat against the bones of St. Thomas Becket, which are housed in a shrine in Canterbury Cathedral. But when he arrives at Canterbury, Crispin is accosted by old acquaintance Geoffrey Chaucer, who is traveling with a group of pilgrims. Trapped in Canterbury, looking for a murderer, a hidden heretic, and a solution to the riddle that will allow him to go back home, Crispin Guest finds his considerable wit and intellect taxed to its very limit. “A creative and enthralling retelling of the Canterbury Tales…authentic medieval history combined with modern suspense.” –John Lescroart, bestselling author.

Sheila Connolly

I'm offering a copy of the latest book (#6) in the Orchard Mystery series, Sour Apples, to be released on August 7th.

Rick Sainsbury, Granford hometown football hero turned successful businessman, has decided to run for Congress and to launch his campaign in Granford.  He looks like the perfect candidate--smart, charming, and sincere.  But looks can be deceiving:  when a local dairy farmer dies and the autopsy points to murder, Meg Corey begins to wonder why the farmer died, and her questions lead to some unsettling discoveries that may point a finger at the candidate.

Just how far would a candidate go to win an election?

Sharon Wildwind

I'm giving away the 4th Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen mystery. If you've been involved in a less-than-stress-free wedding this summer, you'll especially appreciate this book. Benny and Lorraine's problems will put yours in perspective.

Missing, Presumed Wed is about broken promises, false hopes, and the art of redemption.

It’s Memorial Day, 1974. Viet Nam has dropped out of the American consciousness, replaced by Watergate and high gas prices. Viet Nam veterans may be losers, but at least they’re home. Best to forget the war.

Unless you’re an ex-Special Forces Sergeant with a chest full of medals, scars, and nightmares about raising the two sons your dead best friend left behind. Benny Kirkpatrick is one week away from marrying Lorraine Fulford and, as he puts it, “I’ve seen courts martial that required less preparation than this wedding.” Then Benny’s mother, Grace Kirkpatrick, is abducted. Benny and his friends, policewoman Avivah Rosen and former Captain Elizabeth Pepperhawk, put their own romantic entanglements aside to find the killer, but the price of justice may tear Benny’s family apart forever.

Leave a comment telling us which prize you'd like to win!


Dru said...

There are so many good choices, but if I win, I would like the offering from Liz Zelvin.

Lynn Cahoon said...

I think I'd like the Sour Apples book. :)

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I've been anxiously awaiting the new Orchard book, so I'd like Sour Apples.

Susan said...

These all look great, but I'd like to go in a pool for the new Sour Apples book since I read that series.

NoraA said...

While they all have story lines that I would enjoy... Sheila Connolly's Sour Apples is calling to me saying, take me, take me!

Janet C said...

Put my name in for "Bleeding Through". I love this series.

Marilyn Levinson said...

hmmm. I'd love to win all of the above, but please put my name in for Sandy's latest, as I'd read all of the previous books.

Teralee ElBasri said...

Yay! I'd love to win any of the book versions of mysteries for our library. :)

Leslie Budewitz said...

Oh, what an embarrassment of riches! I'd love to win Sandy or Jeri's new books.

Tinney Heath said...

I'd love to win Troubled Bones.

Giovanni Albers said...

been a fan of the TV-series "Catfael" and like the mistery in a medieval setting.

My choice goes to 'Troubled Bones' by Jeri Westerson, should I win...

Giovanni Albers said...

I have always liked stories in a medieval setting.
Even started up with reenactment.

My choice goes out to 'Troubled Bones' by Jeri Westerson

Katreader said...

I'd be thrilled with any of the offerings-but my first choice is Sour Apples. I LOVE this series! Thanks for the opportunity.

Connie said...

I would like Troubled Bones or Sour Apples, if I should win.

Constance Sabo

Barb Goffman said...

Put my name in for Bleeding Through, too. I understand there's a very nice dog in it. And thank you all for doing this for your readers each year. It's a very nice gesture.

Nancy Adams said...

So many great choices, but I would love to win Sandy's new book.

Nancy Adams said...

I would love to win Sandy's new book. Such a wonderful series!

Nancy Adams said...

Apologies for the extra comment--I'm not trying to cheat!

Terry Parrish said...

Well, from what I've seen its hard to choose just one! Since I have an Uncorrected Proof of Sandra's book Bleeding Through,I'll pass on that one. Not that I would'nt want it, buts its only fair for someone else to win. So, since I can't win them all I'll choose Troubled Bones. Darn, that was not easy. Maybe you all could choose one person to win all of them. LOL!!!

Harbingerdc said...

So hard to choose, but I'll have to go with Bleeding Through.

Harbingerdc said...

Oops, sorry. The one from Harbingerdc is from Janet Morrissey.

Karen Mayers said...

Since I lived through the 70's and still remember it, I'd love to read Missing, Presumed Wed.

Marsha said...

Would the chance to win Jeri Westerson's Troubled Bones.Love reading books set in the medieval age. said...

Troubled Bones or the wedding one. Thanks.

Lauren K said...

An impressive list of books! I have been waiting for Sandy's "Bleeding Through - so definitely choose that!!

Monica Friedlander said...

Hard to choose between what I'd like to read and don't have (which would be the logical choice) ... and what I already read and loved. But I usually go with my heart, so I'd love to enter for Jeri Westerson's signed copy of Troubled Bones.

Thanks and keep the great books coming.

cncbooks said...

Well, I keep meaning to try this one by Julia so I'd ask for The Ghosts of Lovely Women. Thanks to all of you for such a nice gesture ;-)

Lelia Taylor

Prentiss Garner said...

It's VERY hard to choose, but I would like a copy of Bleeding through.

Prentiss Garner
3047 Winston Dr #170
Burlington, NC 27215

Warren Bull said...

So many great choices. I'll try for The Ghosts of Beautiful Women.

pennyt said...

What a great selection of books! Choosing one favorite was a challenge, but I'd like to read The Ghosts of Beautiful Women. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

pennyt at hotmail dot com

skkorman said...

I would love to win Bleeding Through—thanks for the opportunity!

skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

Dru said...

Thanks guys!