Monday, August 23, 2010

Can You Solve the Mysteries?

by Julia Buckley

Let's say you're at the scene of a crime. Amongst the evidence are a cluster of blurry photographs; no one can make them out enough to determine whether or not they are clues to the murderer's identity.

Just for fun, I created my own blurry photographs to see if you, the detective, can make a real object out of the haze.

All of these pictures were taken inside my house, including number one, the easiest of them all. What is it?

Number two was taken by my oldest son. Any ideas?

Number three is one of my favorites, and pretty to me despite the fact that it's extremely washed out by the flash.

Number four was taken in my office. Am I giving too many clues?

Number five somehow puts me in mind of a Hitchcock movie.

Number six is a truly brilliant shot taken by my son Ian--I had no idea what it was until he told me, and then it seemed obvious.

Number seven is another Ian shot. I should hire him as my permanent photographer.

Okay, how did you do? I will post the answers later today, but I assume our readers will guess most of them by then.



Sandra Parshall said...

Tough clues, Julia. These are just guesses, except for #1, which I'm sure of.

#1 Mushrooms in a saute pan
#2 Part of a face?
#3 Partially peeled apple?
#4 Ceiling light?
#5 Looks like a knee with burns or scars!
#6 No idea
#7 No idea

Leigh said...

Excellent idea for a post, Julia. Pretty mystifying! Here are my guesses:
1. mushrooms in a pan
2. partially open lips
3. Winnie the Pooh?
4. light fixture between two bookshelves
5. paw print?
6. pawns on a chessboard
7. open mouth, turned sideways

Julia Buckley said...

Sandra and Leigh--

1. Yes to number one (as well as little potatoes).

2. Yes, Sandra--it's my son's eye.

3. This is a rose, taken close up and washed out.

4. This is my computer keyboard--actually the space between two letters. There's some dust in there, I must confess, and the flash is shining off of it.

5. Number five is one part of my rotary dial phone.

6. This is two pieces on a chessboard.

7. This, because of my older son's whimsy, is my youngest son's ear.