Friday, July 23, 2010

Noel Neill, the REAL Lois Lane

By Lonnie Cruse

During the recent Superman Celebration, actress Noel Neill was, at long last, honored for her performance as Lois Lane in the original Superman television series. And she was honored for the wonderful lady she is. For many years, Neill has traveled to Metropolis, Illinois, from her home way out west in order to celebrate with us, meet fans, show her DVD's of the old show (colorized version, love watching!) and generally help put us on the map. Now in her eighties, Neill is as lovely as she was when she first played Lois, if a bit older. She is also one of the most gracious ladies I've ever been privileged to meet.

The statue of Neill as Lois Lane has been in the planning for several years, so much so that I worried that it wouldn't be unveiled while she was still able to come here and see it. Neill deserves this honor and I'm delighted she was here to unveil the statue. I bought a brick with my grandsons' names on it, and it's one of many that now surround her new statue. Congratulations, Noel, YOU DESERVE THIS!

I've blogged about the annual Superman Celebration before, but you really gotta come see it to believe it. Market street, where the fifteen-foot tall statue of Superman resides, is blocked off for that entire weekend each year while hundreds of superhero fans roam through the vendor tents dressed as the hero of their choice.
There are activities for folks of all ages, trivia contests, best costume contest, pageants (my grandson won Little Mr. Superman several years ago and was later honored in the Christmas parade) county fair type rides, hot dogs, funnel cakes, you name it, we got it. Tons of fun for superhero fans. And generally a celebrity associated with one of the many superhero movies/television shows comes to mix, mingle, and sign autographs. I've been fortunate to sign autographs some years with the other authors and to sell a sizable amount of books. I've met new readers that way and recently had lunch with two couples who've been reading my books for years. (picture below) Yep, it's a great celebration.

Sooo, what are you doing the second weekend of June, 2011? Why not join us to celebrate Superman and all the other superheros? PLEASE, don't forget to bring your superhero trivia knowledge and your all-important tights! Oh, and your cape, of course!!!


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Oh, how wonderful! Somehow this brings tears to my eyes. I do wish I could be there!

Sandra Parshall said...

There's something uniquely American about this annual celebration. It must be tremendous fun for everyone. I'm glad Lois finally got her statue! Who can even imagine Superman without Lois Lane?

Julia Buckley said...

I can't believe how much Ms. Neill still looks the same, except for the gray hair. Still the same pretty face.

Carol-Lynn Rossel said...

I've always loved Noel Neill. Such a role model she's been, sorta like a grown-up Nancy Drew. This tugs at my heartstrings.

Lonnie Cruse said...

She is, indeed, a role model! Thanks everyone!