Friday, June 4, 2010

Dedicated readers . . . we love YOU!

By Lonnie Cruse

Recently a first-grader I know walked in with an open book in hand, reading and glancing to see where he was as he walked. I was impressed. He was immersed in that book and didn't want to put it down. I shared with him that I'm the same kind of reader, can't hardly put a good book down, snatch every chance to read. Usually to see what happens next to the characters. Same for you?

Summer is here, in spirit if not in fact. Memorial Day weekend is past, a holiday which usually signals summer for most folks, even if it doesn't officially arrive until this month. Schools are mostly out, and people are heading to the beach or the lake or wherever they can find enough water to get wet in. Many will carry books along. (Some will even pack a Kindle or other e-reader, many of which advertise that they can be read in strong sun light.)

Sooo, dear reader, if you are as dedicated as that little boy, or me, what do you take to the beach/lake/pond/puddle with you to read? Do you want summer reading, ignoring anything with snow on the cover or in the text? Do you read seasonal? Or does it matter?

Personally, I'm a seasonal reader, wanting Halloween at Halloween, Christmas books at Christmas, and lots of sun and water in the summer. Give me a dead body on a beach and I'm yours. Give me a body under the Christmas tree in December . . . ditto. Happy camper. Literally. I used to carry whole sacks of books when we camped and read my way through them while away from home. YES, I spent time with hubby and the kids, hiking, enjoying nature, etc. but if the boat was running on high speed toward the next bay to check out the fish, I'd grab those few minutes to read a chapter or two. I'd read before going to sleep (still do) and any other time I could sneak.

Do you carry books everywhere? What do you carry? Seasonal? Best seller? Doesn't matter as long as it's paper with printed words?

Enjoy your summer, enjoy your reading. And give Sandra Dallas' books a chance. Her books are great reading any time of the year. I'm currently reading THE PERSIAN PICKLE CLUB. You? And don't forget, we writers love you readers! Can't do the job without you.


Dru said...

You'll always find a book in my hand or nearby and yes I try to sneak a peek at the book while I'm at work. Hey, I have to know what is happening, now. I still prefer to hold a physical book but I do have an e-reader for when I travel.

The Cat Bastet said...

Hi Lonnie! I'm also a seasonal reader but sometimes when I've had enough summer I pull out a Halloween or Christmas mystery to help me escape the heat and humidity for a bit.

I take stacks of books every time we go up north (that's what we call vactioning here in Michigan) AND my Kindle. That way I have lots of choices, depending on what I'm in the mood to read.

The Kindle goes everywhere with me in case I get stuck waiting in line for something.

Yup, you can read a Kindle in direct sunlight.

I love your books. Keep writing -- I need my mystery fix!

Anonymous said...

I'm a summer re-reader. I'll usually read some or part of my collected works of Sherlock Holmes every summer.

And I'm the worst anti-seasonal reader going. Christmas books in July. Beach mysteries in December. Halloween books at Easter. At least I almost never have trouble checking them out at the library because they are always on the shelves.

cacruse4 said...

Whahahaha! Love all of your comments, particularly Sharon refusing to read the season in that season! Thanks, everyone!

signlady217 said...

I read pretty much anything any time of year, doesn't matter to me. I just want a good story. My biggest complaint about traveling and reading is that I can't read in the car, never have been able to, and on long road trips that really tough!!

BTW, I read Sandra Dallas' book "Prayers For Sale" and thought it was fantastic!