Saturday, May 15, 2010

Canada Calling: the Arthur Ellis nominees

Crime Writers of Canada has announced the short list for its 2010 Arthur Ellis awards. Winners will be announced on 2010 May 27 at the Arthur Ellis Awards Banquet in Toronto. Visit the CWC site for short plot summaries and information about the authors nominated. While you're there, sign up for the free Cool Canadian Crime, a free electronic newsletter about Canadian crime writers.

Take this list with you to your favorite library or bookstore and sample great authors from north of the border. Nominees are listed in alphabetical order.

Best Novel
Anthony Bidulka, Aloha, Candy Hearts (Insomniac Press)
Howard Shrier, High Chicago (Vintage Canada/Random House)
James W. Nichol, Death Spiral (McArthur & Co.)
Lee Lamothe, The Finger’s Twist (Ravenstone)
R. J. Harlick, Arctic Blue Death (RendezVous Crime)

Best First Crime Novel
Alan Bradley, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Doubleday Canada)
C. B. Forrest, Weight of Stones (RendezVous Crime)
Dennis Richard Murphy, Darkness at the Break of Dawn (Harper Collins)
Elizabeth Duncan, The Cold Light of Mourning (Minotaur Books)
Eugene Meese, A Magpie’s Smile (NeWest Press)

Best French Crime Book
Diane Vincent, Peaux de chagrins (Les Editions Triptyques)
Genevieve Lefebvre, Je compte les morts (Les Ếditions Libre Expression)
Jean Lemieux, Le mort du chemin des Arsène, (la courte échelle)
Jean-Jacques Pelletier, La Faim de la Terre (Editions Alire Inc.)

Best Juvenile Crime Book
Arthur Slade, The Hunchback Assignments (HarperCollins)
Barbara Hayworth Attard, Haunted (HarperCollins)
Norah McClintock, Homicide Related: A Ryan Dooley Mystery (Red Deer Press)
Tim Wynne-Jones, The Uninvited (Candlewick)
Vicki Grant, Not Suitable for Family Viewing (HarperCollins)

Best Crime Nonfiction
Jon Wells, Postmortem (John Wiley & Sons)
Alex Caine,The Fat Mexican (Random House of Canada)
Patrick Brode, The Slasher Killings (Painted Turtle Press)
Robert Remington and Sherri Zickefoose, Runaway Devil (McClelland)
Terry Gould, Murder Without Borders (Random House of Canada)

Best Crime Short Story
Denis Richard Murphy, “Prisoner in Paradise,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
James Petrin, “Nothing is Easy,” Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
James Powell, “Clowntown Pajamas,” Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
Rick Mofina, “Backup,” Ottawa Magazine
Twist Phelan, “Time Will Tell,” MWA Presents the Prosecution Rests (Little Brown)

Watch these names, our newest stars on the horizon.

Best Unpublished First Crime Novel
Blair Hemstock, Bait of Pleasure
Deryn Collier, Confined Space
Gloria Ferris, Corpse Flower
Pam Barnsley, This Cage of Bones
Peter Kirby, Putting Them Down

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