Friday, December 18, 2009

Decades Come And Decades Go . . . But Where DO They Go?

By Lonnie Cruse

It's nearly the end of 2009 and nearly the beginning of 2010. I'm already having trouble writing 2010, not to mention remembering to say twenty-ten. I mean, I'm still waiting for Y2K to hit. You know, the world-wide disaster that was predicted nine years ago? Computers would fail everywhere which meant we couldn't buy anything because most stores are computer run. So we were all in serious trouble. Remember that?

Actually, if you live in small town America, like we do, it's quite possible to buy the necessities of life, even if every computer in the area goes down. We in the mid-west found that out during this past winter's ice storm, when there was no power anywhere. Local stores allowed customers to buy $25 worth of necessities if the customers used cash. Stores sold, customers bought, and the world kept spinning on its axis. Not a lot of fun, but it taught us that we could survive without the luxuries we've all come to think of as necessities. Where was I?

Oh yeah, the passage of time. For me, Y2K seems like it was just last year, not nearly last decade. Where has this decade gone? I'm still living (in my head) back in the early 1990's but most children born then are now teenagers, quickly headed for their twenties.

Life is whizzing by all of us at an alarming rate. And it isn't coming back around. Is there something you've always wanted to do? Write a book, fly a plane, see another part of the world, start a different career? Anything?

It may seem impossible or unreachable, but there is always a way . . . if you are willing to take a chance. The end of 2010 (which will be here before we know it) will also end this decade and we will be into a whole new one. Don't let life zip by you without fulfilling at least a bit of the dreams you've had. Give it a shot, take a chance, or whatever other cliche' works for you. Just do it. You might not get another chance.


Julia Buckley said...

This is such great advice, Lonnie! Now I'll have to try to narrow down those vague "someday" dreams and try to actually accomplish one of them. :)

PK the Bookeemonster said...

I agree ... this decade has whizzed by and I don't know how that happened. Where was I?

Mike Dennis said...

What a great post, Lonnie. I mean, here I am still waiting for Morgan Fairchild's breakout movie and I find out she'll be sixty in a month or so!

And when the 25th anniversary DVD edition of "Scarface" has already been released, then you know the time has disappeared.