Monday, November 2, 2009

The Winners Are . . .

Thanks for playing The Stiletto Gang's Halloween Game here at PDD. We put all of those scary stories comments in a bowl and picked three. So here they are:
Sandra Parshall's Crime and Punishment mug goes to : PK the Bookeemonster
Lonnie Cruse's signed book goes to: Helen Kiker
Sharon Wildwind's signed book goes to: Shirley (boots9k)

Congratulations! If we don't have your e-mail below, please send it to us and we'll get your prizes out to you. Happy Halloween and Happy November. Thanks for playing, everyone!

And now, on to other Novembery thoughts. November is the eleventh month in the year, but it actually means "nine," since it became eleventh only after January and February were added to the Roman calendar.

Many significant things happen in November (and yes, I borrowed some of these from Wikipedia):

All Saints Day (yesterday) is a Christian holy day celebrating saints.

All Souls Day (today) is a day to remember the dead, and in the Mexican Tradition (el Dia de los Muertos) the entire month of November is meant as a time to pray for the dead, especially loved ones.

Here's one I didn't know: In Ireland, November 1st is the first day of winter.

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Night in Britain and New Zealand.

November 14th is Children's Day in India.

November 26, of course, is Thanksgiving Day.

Two new November-related events related to Thanksgiving are Black Friday (the day after) and cyber Monday (the Monday after). Both relate to the glut of shoppers that use this weekend as a sort of horrible preface to commercialized Christmas.

November 30th in Scotland
is St. Andrews Day.

Are you a November baby, like my sister? If so, do you wear topaz in honor of your birthstone? And do people bring you chrysanthemums because this is the official November flower?

Despite the bleakness that happens after its bitter winds wipe all the colorful leaves away, I've always liked this month, perhaps because it does allow for time with family and--dare I say it--significant amounts of pumpkin pie. :)

What else do you celebrate in November?


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

My husband's birthday is in November. Thanks for the November facts!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Julia Buckley said...

Well, happy birthday to your husband! And enjoy the month.

signlady217 said...

My dad's birthday (Nov. 12) and my stepdad's birthday (Nov. 13), my sister-in-law's anniversary, and a great-aunt and a friend's daughter who share a birthday which sometimes makes them Turkey Babies! I love November because it means the holidays are here. Most of my Christmas shopping will be done by Thanksgiving, so that gifts can go home with people and they will have them in case bad weather prevents my traveling on Christmas Day. Mom and I always do a little shopping on "Black Friday", just not the super early sales (I don't need anything that desperately!) And then I decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend. A very busy month!

Julia Buckley said...

Wow! That's quite a birthday cluster, but it sounds like lots of celebrating happens. Have fun!

Suzanne Adair said...

We love Guy Fawkes Day! Following the Battle of Camden Revolutionary War reenactment the first weekend of November, we participate in a Guy Fawkes Day celebration -- if we stay on site past dark. The Crown forces camp stuffs a life-sized straw dummy full of firecrackers and fireworks, carries it to a blazing bonfire chanting, "Burn the Guy! Kill the Guy!" (bloodthirsty mob mentality, I know), and heaves it in. We experience a mini-Tet Offensive while the Guy does his thing, and people ignite the sorts of pyrotechnics purchased in states with minimal restrictions on fireworks. Then there's dancing and consumption of potables and goodies. And everyone is dressed in 18th-century clothing, so it makes for a fun evening.

Suzanne Adair

Paul Lamb said...

The day after Thanksgiving is also known as "Buy Nothing Day" with its own website to liberate us from the glut of consumerism that day normally entails.

PK the Bookeemonster said...

Thanks so much! I'm gobsmacked.

Julia Buckley said...

Suzanne, that's great! What a fun celebration.

Paul, I'm going to check out that website--it sounds great.

PK, congratulations!