Monday, August 31, 2009

Creative Chrysalis

by Julia Buckley
I've always thought myself to be a creative fellow; I have ideas, I write them down, and I end up creating imaginary worlds. I once blogged here about inherited genes, and the fact that the love of words and writing can be passed on genetically--that in fact I think I did inherit those things from my mother.

Now I look at the creative output of my own children and I am amazed by the raw power of their wordplay. The other day I chanced upon a dialogue my son had with his cousin Dan. They are both fourteen, both starting high school. They are good friends, but they live 30 minutes apart and only see each other every couple of months. So they chat online, or they talk on Facebook.

One day they had this electronic conversation, and Ian saved it to his files because he thought it was funny.

To me, it is the chat of young people in love with language (thank goodness they still exist!). And I wonder if these two will be thriller writers in ten or twenty years.

Ello, then.

Ello, chap. Tally ho.

What what? Blimey!

But Gov'nor, you'll contract a rare case of glaucoma!

Not if I can help it. Retract the Niherney Formula, and fast!

I would if I could, but I am not able.

You'll have to consult the Wry Humor division if you ever want to see little Sophie again.

Then we must redouble our efforts at Fort Neighberger. Oh, by all means, kill little Sophie. I have no need for her now. (Maniacal laughter).

(sharp, terse inhalation) You cur!

Fort Neighberger has seceded thrice since last Septwain!

You’re the only cur here, Mondaingo. Your inepttitude is outdone only by your own misanthropy.

Hah! You can't even spell ineptitude. Therefore, Team Irresistible Flamingo wins by default.

(whispering) Fort Neighberger will be mine! (cackles).

So I accidentilly hit an additional t . It won't matter once the Wininski files go public.
You appall me. I am appalled. In case you didn't know, Mendelson, my old grandplanker was killed by an extra T!

And furthermore, the Wininski files haven't been licensed correctly since the 1920s.

Your grandplanker was a disgrace to the order. You forget your place, Antoine. You work for Scarlahnka; you think there won't be consequences. Fool.


I may be a fool, but at least I made the grip-off to Ellis in 0.448848484

Back in...

Back in...

Oh dear.. I seem to have forgotten my revenge lines.

Don't be an indignant cow, Glamsworth. You know Ellis can't help you now. Moriarity has the codes.

Moriarty is dead.

Who has the codes?

Moriarty...dead? It can't be!

Oh, but it CAN. IT CAN.

And there ended their bizarre exchange, filled with a love of drama, words, phrases, secret agent-sounding cliches, fun surnames, and the joy of creating. Does it make sense? Not at all. Is it funny? I thought so.

Isn't it nice to know that young people still love words and aren't only text messaging each other?


kathy d. said...

I liked the exchange between your son and his cousin. It was delightful. If they don't become mystery writers, perhaps they'll be writers or another kind--or just as good, avid readers.

Kathy D.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

That's wonderful!

I know people decry the invasion of text messaging with our children, but the fact is that they're WRITING. It's not like a phone conversation, which is lost...

Mystery Writing is Murder

Julia Buckley said...

Thanks, Kathy. There's something so energetic about it, isn't it? It makes me remember the days when writing was just pure fun.

Elizabeth, you make a good point. Sometimes I'm a purist, but the language will evolve in spite of me. :)

PK the Bookeemonster said...

What that is is two bright and witty minds riffing off of each other -- I love it when that happens.

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Sounds more like they'll become fantasy or speculative fiction writers. Do they play D&D? And the part I don't understand--Julia, you said you think of yourself as a "fellow"?

Julia Buckley said...

Liz, I fear I was just being silly. :)

And PK, I totally agree with you. Bright, witty, and always ready for fun. :)

Sandra Parshall said...

Ah, if they can only hold on to that spontaneity... I'm convinced that the demands of the marketplace kill creativity. When we stop writing for ourselves and start consciously writing for an audience we lose a tremendous amount of freedom.

Julia Buckley said...

I agree, Sandra. I've really been contemplating that idea lately, and in many ways I'm envious of my sons and the fun they have with writing.


I love the spontaneity of the exchange, the willingness to take it wherever it needed to go. As we get older, other people and society tend to stifle our creative impulses.

We should try doing this same type of thing with each other once in a while: a sort of verbal free-association.

Julia Buckley said...

You're right, Linda! But I think I would need to go on a retreat first to try to reclaim my spontaneity. :)

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