Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ten Ways To Help You Keep Your Writing Resolutions

by Darlene Ryan

Whether your New Year's resolution is to write in more depth, more detail or just write more words here are ten ways to help you meet your goals.

Having problems plotting?
1. Kris Neri teaches classes for the Writers Program of the UCLA Extension School ( And she’s the author of the Tracy Eaton mysteries.

2. Laura Baker and Robin Perini’s novel building technique, Discovering Story Magic, is “a three-step method to writing a story they can’t refuse.” Robin and Laura have taught their process at workshops and writing events across the country.

3. Literary agent Donald Maas teaches workshops throughout the year based on his book, Writing the Breakout Novel.

Stuck on the dreaded synopsis?

4. Shelia Kelly aka Lynn Viehl, aka S.L. Viehl, aka Rebecca Kelly, aka Jessica Hall, has sold more than three dozen books including the popular Darkyn and Star Doc series.

St. Martin’s Press sponsors four contests for mystery and suspense writers.

5. a. St. Martin’s Minotaur/Malice Domestic Competition for the best first traditional mystery novel,
b. Best Private Eye Novel Competition sponsored by St Martin’s Press and the Private Eye Writers of America,
c. Hillerman Mystery Contest sponsored by St Martin’s Press and the Tony Hillerman Writers conference,
d. St. Martins Minotaur/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel competition

Should you blog? Do you need a website? Should you give away free copies of your book?

6. J.A. Konrath is the author of the Lt. Jacqueline Daniels thrillers. Check out his free e-book of Market tips on his website.

7. Marketing guru Seth Godin writes the most popular marketing blog in the world. His book, Unleashing the Idea Virus, is the most popular e-book ever written with more than 2 million copies downloaded.

Stuck on the details?

8. Lee Lofland is a veteran police investigator and expert on crime scene investigations and police procedures. Check out Lee’s blog, The Graveyard Shift.

9. For medical and forensics questions visit The Writers Medical and Forensics Lab, created by Dr. D.P. Lyle

Looking for help on where to put the commas or whether it’s “a lot” or “alot?”

10. Dr. Grammar is a website dedicated to helping writers.


Mary Moss said...

Wow! Thank you for these amazing resources! I know I'll be consulting some of these as the new year gets off and running!

Lori said...

Thanks for the link to Dr. Grammar. Maybe I can finally learn when to use who and when to use whom.

Susan E said...

This is a marvelous list. I, too, especially like the Dr. Grammar link. More rules than Strunk and White, though I take exception to his rules about commas.

Darlene Ryan said...

Dr. Grammar is the favorite site of my friend, Annie, the grammar fanatic.

Julia Buckley said...

Great list!