Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free books!

Sandra Parshall

Maybe you’ve lost your job or expect to soon. Maybe your investments, large or small, are tanking. Maybe your kids don’t understand why they can’t have the expensive electronic playthings they want from Santa. Publishing seems to be headed into a dizzying downward spiral, too, and all over the internet, writers are begging you to buy their new books.

I understand why laying down money for the latest mystery novels might not be a top priority at the moment. But you need them, right? You can’t live without those entertaining tales of mayhem. Sometimes an engrossing book is all that stands between you and total meltdown. (I understand that too.) So I’m offering a batch of books, all of them December releases, to a few lucky readers of PDD.

Look through the list below, then tell me in the comments section which THREE books you’d like to have, in order of preference. Each winner will receive two free books, but naming a third choice will increase your chance of getting something you want. If you enjoy the books, please tell your friends about them. If you don’t win, but a book sounds like just your sort of thing, stop in a book store and treat yourself. You deserve it, don’t you?

DEVIL MAY RIDE, A Ghost Dusters Mystery, by Wendy Roberts – Second in the paranormal mystery series featuring Sadie Novak, a professional crime scene cleaner and amateur medium. Sadie and her sexy partner, Zack, are cleaning up a meth lab when Sadie comes face to face with an evil spirit unlike anything she’s seen before.

DYING FOR DINNER by Miranda Bliss – Annie is leaving her bank job to work full-time as manager of her boyfriend’s restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, VA. But the first day of the rest of her life is the last day of someone else’s, and Annie ends up right in the middle of the excitement. Includes recipes.

DEFENDING ANGELS, A Beaufort & Company Mystery, by Mary Stanton – Ah, Savannah, a city overflowing with charm and ghosts. Literally. While Brianna Winston-Beaufort waits out the renovations on her law office, she rents space in the middle of an all-murderers cemetery, and before long, she’s defending a client in the loftiest venue of all, the Celestial Court. Great setting and a charming heroine.

DYING BY THE SWORD, A Musketeers Mystery, by Sarah D’Almeida – The swashbuckling trio set out to prove Porthos’s servant innocent of killing an armorer, but their sleuthing leads to conflict with Cardinal Richelieu, who is investigating a plot against King Louis XIII. Excellent historical detail.

DEAD MEN DON’T CROCHET by Betty Hechtman – In this followup to Hooked on Murder, Molly Pink and the boisterous Tarzana Hookers join forces to clear one of their members of murdering a snarky yarn shop owner (who probably deserved what she got). Recipe and crochet pattern included.

MR. MONK IS MISERABLE by Lee Goldberg – Natalie serves as Monk’s
Dr. Watson, assisting the brilliant detective and telling the stories in Goldberg’s entertaining series of original novels based on the television program. In the latest, the phobic Monk astonishes Natalie by deciding to visit the catacombs of Paris. Among the ancient skeletons, Monk’s sharp eye spots a skull that’s not so old – and bears evidence of murder. A San Francisco connection brings Captain Stottlemeyer and Lt. Disher into the action.

HAIL TO THE CHEF, A White House Chef Mystery, by Julie Hyzy – This series was an instant hit with its first entry, State of the Onion, and the second is equally entertaining. White House Chef Ollie Parsons has plenty to do with the holidays coming up and the First Lady meddling in her romantic life, but she adds murder to her plate when the First Lady’s nephew dies in suspicious circumstances. Recipes for a complete Presidential meal are included, along with lots of details about the inner workings of the nation's First Kitchen.

MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE by Hazel Holt – When the quiet Engli
sh village of Taviscombe is shaken by a series of shocking deaths, Sheila Malory finds herself back in sleuthing mode. Publishers Weekly calls the Mrs. Malory series “the very model of the modern mystery cozy.”

Tell me your choices, and check the end of the comments thread on Thursday to find out if you won!


Auntie Knickers said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I would like to win MRS MALORY AND A TIME TO DIE, DEFENDING ANGELS, and DEVIL MAY RIDE. Perhaps because I just enjoyed the WOLFSBANE AND MISTLETOE anthology, I seem to be in the mood for some supernatural mystery; and I'm always in the mood for Mrs. Malory.

Annie said...

My thanks, too, for the opportunity and the blurbs on some new books! I love all things English, so MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE by Hazel Holt would be at the top of my list. The Monk TV series is one of my favorites, so MR. MONK IS MISERABLE by Lee Goldberg would be second. I enjoy reading the Faith Fairchild (caterer, etc.) mysteries by Katherine Hall Page--and trying some of the recipes. DYING FOR DINNER by Miranda Bliss sounds like a good read, too. Perhaps most important for all three is that I would love to "meet" three new mystery writers.

Iasa said...

What fun! Defending Angels looks good as does Dying By the Sword. Oddly enough I think I would also like to read Dead Men Don't Crochet. Thanks so much for doing this kindness to your readers.

Pattie T. said...

All of the books sound great but my top three choices are DYING FOR DINNER, MR. MONK IS MISERABLE, and MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE. Thanks for this great opportunity.

Julie T said...

What a great way to lure folks like me out of lurkdom! The books all sound fantastic, but I think my choices would be HAIL TO THE CHEF, DEFENDING ANGELS, and DYING BY THE SWORD. Thank you for this chance. I always look forward to PDD posts!

cindy.maher said...

These are the books I'd be interested in:
1. Defending Angels
2. Dying for Dinner
and third choice, Hail to the Chief.

Thanks for this opportunity

Sandra Parshall said...

If you're having trouble figuring out how to post--

Scroll all the way down, past all the comments. Below the date of the last posted comment, you'll see POST A COMMENT (underlined) on the bottom left. Click on that and a comment box will open in a new window. Type your message in there and post. If you've never posted here before, you'll be asked to choose an identity before you "publish" your comments.

Sobaka said...

Ooh, that sounds lovely. I'd have to choose:

1. Miranda Bliss, Dying for Dinner. I loved all her previous books.

2. Hazel Holt, Mrs. Mallory and a Time to Die (haven't read any of this author, but I'd love to)

3. Julie Hyzy, Hail to the Chef (I always enjoy a food-themed mystery)

Thank you for being so generous!

Susan said...

Wow! Free Books! Thank you! Hmm...which to pick? Since I'm feeling a little paranormal this morning I'll choose;

1. Devil My Ride--by Wendy Roberts
2. Defending Angels--by Mary Stanton

and because it sounds like fun;

3. Dying for Dinner--by Miranda Bliss.

Lynn/MI said...

1.) Mr. Monk is Miserable --- I love a mystery where you can chuckle also and Monk is great at making chuckles!

2) Hail to the Chief ---I adored the first of this series so hoping this one is as good!

3) Defending Angels ---have never read anything by this author and sounds interesting! are my three choices and thank you for doing this! Lynn/MI

Doris Ann said...

What a chance.
My choices are
MRS. MALORY (it's about time there is a new one)
The new MONK book
And my third choice is the Miranda Bliss book.
If I win one, it will be one less for me to buy. Already have the Wendy Roberts title and have the Stanton title on order

Sheila Connolly said...

You had me at free...

How to decide? Too much good stuff here. I'd go for:

Hail to the Chef -- loved State of the Onion

Defending Angels -- can't wait to see what Mary does with a whole new setting


Mrs. Mallory and a Time to Die -- who can resist a heroine named Sheila?

Lucinda said...

Top of my list would be Hail to the Chef since I loved State of the Onion, then Dying by the Sword since I'd love to spend time with those Musketeers, and last but not least Mrs. Mallory and the Time to Die since I haven't read that series yet. Thanks!

caryn said...

1.Defending Angels-Mary Stanton
2.Devil May Ride-Wendy Robert
3.Mrs. Mallory by Hazel Holt

My picks are for a new series, a series I liked the first book in and a series that I used to read and sort of forgot about.
Thanks Sandra!

Anonymous said...

If I'm fortunate enough to win, I had to chose, DYING FOR DINNER by Miranda Bliss since I live in Alexandria and, HAIL TO THE CHEF, A White House Chef Mystery, by Julie Hyzy in honor of the new administration. My back-up title is, MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE, by Hazel Holt, since I know I'll enjoy it.
Jane Cohen

mirlacca said...

Oh my gosh, this is HARD! At least I've already bought one of the books listed!

Of the rest I would love to try DEFENDING ANGELS, DYING BY THE SWORD and DEVIL MAY RIDE. All three are new authors to me, and I love well-written paranormals and historicals.

Thank you so much for doing this!

Kaye Barley said...

What a lovely gesture!!
these all sound wonderful - and included some writers I'm not familiar with.
First on my list would be DEFENDING ANGELS by Mary Stanton who is new to me, but quickly added to my "gotta check-out" list. Donald and I adore Savannah and try to get there for our wedding anniversaries.
Next would be Julie Hyzy's HAIL TO THE CHEF 'cause I adore Julie Hyzy and adored her first book.
Next choice would be MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE.
thanks much!!!!

michele said...

What a terrible choice!

In random order:
First is Mrs. Malory, second is Dying for Dinner and third is Defending Angels

Pat R. said...

What a great offer.

I'd like to win Hail To The Chief, Devil May Ride and a third choice is Defending Angels.

Such difficult choices and so many nice books.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to win.

Sandra Parshall said...

Posted for Sherry M., who is having trouble getting into the comments section -- her choices are:


Helen K. said...

Thanks for this contest - my choices are
Dying for Dinner by Miranda Bliss
Men Don't Crochet by Betty Hechtman
Mrs. Mallory's Time to Die by Hazel Holt

cas2ajs said...

What a great contest! My choices would be:

DYING FOR DINNER by Miranda Bliss
DEAD MEN DON’T CROCHET by Betty Hechtman

Thanks for the chance.
Cheryl S.

Kari Wainwright said...

What a delightful offer.

1. Hail to the Chef
2. Dying by the Sword
3. Defending Angels


Anonymous said...

DYING BY THE SWORD, A Musketeers Mystery, by Sarah D’Almeida
HAIL TO THE CHEF, A White House Chef Mystery, by Julie Hyzy



Carol-Lynn said...

Wow! Such a deal!


Thanks muchly for this opportunity.

Sheila B. said...

Great selection!

I enjoy paranormal mysteries, so my first choices are DEVIL MAY RIDE and DEFENDING ANGELS. I also like the Mr. Monk series, and have started watching the TV series on DVD, so my third choice is MR. MONK IS MISERABLE.

Thanks for the opportunity to win these free books!

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm beginning to wish I had more copies of these books! I'll choose the four winners by dawing, and sometime Thursday I'll post their names here at the end of the comments thread, so be sure to come back! After I name the winners, I'll ask you to e-mail your mailing addresses to me privately.

KD Easley said...

Devil May Ride--Sounds like fun. I like the premise.
Dying by the Sword--Who can pass up the musketeers. I love Dartanion
Mr. Monk is Miserable--In book form on on the tube, when Monk is miserable, I am happy. And I love Natalie. And Lee Goldberg.

Thanks guys,
Good luck all

pennyt said...

Wow, what a great offer!! Thank you. I'd like to win Devil May Ride since I really enjoyed the first Ghost Buster mystery, Dead Men Don't Crochet because I love craft mysteries and Mr Monk is Miserable since I'm a fan of both the books and the TV series.

GFS3 said...

Since I've already been laid-off -- I think I should be, Amen, pushed to the front of the line.

How about "Dying by the Sword," "Devil May Ride" and "Mr. Monk is Miserable."


Dina said...

Wow, great choces.




Judy Alter said...

I would like DYING FOR DINNER, and HAIL TO THE CHEF, because I love mysteries having to do with cooking and recipes. And I'd like MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE, becuse I like English cozies--especially true cozies.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win Devil May Ride, Dying for Dinner or Dead Men Don't Crochet. I picked these three because I've read previous books by each of the authors. Thanks. Jeannette

pruter said...

Thanks for the holiday contest. Hope it's not to late to enter.
I'd be interested in:
Hail to the Chef
Dying for Dinner
Dead Men Don't Crochet

Margaret Franson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. My choices are:


Happy Holidays to all.

Jan Martin

Sandra Parshall said...

And the winners are:

Auntie Knickers
Helen K

Please send your mailing addresses to me at

Congratulations, and thanks to everybody for entering the drawing. I hope you discovered some books you'll want to try, even if you have to pay for them! :-)

Sheila Wilcox said...

What a great opportunity! I love English novels, so my first choice is MRS. MALLORY AND A TIME TO DIE. Even though I'm affraid of the dark, I can't pass up reading about the supernatural; so, my second choice is DEVIL MAY DIE. The graveyard setting on the cover and the promise of a southern setting are the reasons I picked DEFENDING ANGLES. Since I'm not familiar with the writers, this is also a chance for me to discover their skills which may encourage me to read more of their work in the future. Thanks for the opportunity.

Kaye Barley said...

Sandy - this was a super fun thing you did - thank you!
I did learn about some new books, and I'm ordering one of them right this minute.

Anonymous said...

I would have said Hail to the chef was my 1st pick, but I have the ARC, even if I haven't been able to read it yet. :o)
So will say 1) Mr. Monk is Miserable,(because i don't getthe cable show and have to resort to books for my Monk fix)2)Mrs. Mallory and a time to die (because my son reads her son's books and I never seem to remember to read her)and 3)Dying for dinner (cuz think my Mom would enjoy it.
Thanks for the offer!

KD Easley said...

Thanks, guys.
That was fun and now I have a couple of books I have to order.

Poonam said...

I have no idea if the contest is one or for those like me who live in far-flung countries like India.

But I thought I will list my choices:


Kitchen and mystry, exciting combination1 :)

Poonam said...

I just read the last comment (one before me) and realised that winners have been announced! :(

Sandra Parshall said...

Winners, please send your mailing addresses to!

I've heard from Helen K, but still need addresses for:

Auntie Knickers