Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick rule change . . . hey, it's my post, my rules, or lack thereof . . .

By Lonnie Cruse (twice in one day?)

Okay, it occured to me after I posted my blog post early this morning with the contest for the tenth commenter (see below, I'm not your basic morning person, if you haven't guessed) that no one would want to post a comment at all, IF they could only post once because nobody wanted to be first. So far we have seven posts. Tenth comment still wins, but you may now comment more than once. Soooo, IF you want to try to win a copy of my book, free, autographed, read the blog post BELOW, make a comment THERE, and may the best commenter win.

And I'll add a second prize. In the comment section under THIS post, tell me a quick story about anything you remember from the 1950's (assuming you are old enough to be alive then) and the winner here will get the second prize, a signed copy of my book. You have all weekend to work on this and I'll anounce the winners next week, or ask Julia to post names on her day, Monday, along with her usual post. There will be someone blogging here tomorrow, but you can still post comments to mine after reading theirs. Make any sense? I was afraid of that. If anyone understands THIS post, I'll send you a free PDD bookmark.

Let 'er rip!


Kathryn Lilley said...

When I was two or three years old, I got lost in some woods near my house--my mother must have been distracted, and I just took off after our dog, evidently. I remember being lost, and then taking hold of the dog's tail and following it out of the woods. Looking back on it, that was pretty quick thinking for a baby! (And it was a wonderful dog!)

Lonnie Cruse said...

Wow! I love that one! Thanks for stopping by.

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Lonnie, are your blog sisters eligible? This story from my life in the 1950s really is about memory. 1955, Girl Scout camp, it's the first day of camp and two dozen 10 and 11 year old girls and four counselors are sitting around the campfire circle. (No fire, it's daytime.) The head counselor teaches us a learning-everyone's-name game. The counselor starts by saying her name: "Lenny." The girl next to her, Adele, then says her own name and the counselor's: "Adele, Lenny." The girl next to her, Lois, starts with her name and then goes back along the circle: "Lois, Adele, Lenny." The last girl in the circle has to go around with all 28 names, starting with her own. And 53 years later, I still remember that the first (or last) three people in that circle were Lois, Adele, and Lenny.

Anonymous said...

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