Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congratulations to Liz Zelvin!

Lonnie, Julia, Sandy, Sharon and Darlene are proud to announce that our blog sister, Elizabeth Zelvin, has been nominated for an Agatha Award for her short story, "Death Will Clean Your Closet." Congratulations, Liz!


Carol said...

Fabulous news, Liz! Hope you have to clean out a spot on your mantle for the teapot.

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Thanks, Carol. I don't think I'll sail to victory the way my blog sister Sandy Parshall did so deservedly last year. I'm competing against some heavy hitters (Rhys Bowen and Donna Andrews, both up for best novel as well as short story, Peter Lovesey, who'll be at Malice to receive a Lifetime Achievement award, and fellow Guppy Nan Higginson, whose story is hilarious). But I sure am enjoying being a nominee. :)