Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Mystery Quiz

Happy Monday! While you contemplate this old picture of my son dressed as Sherlock Holmes (would that he were still that tiny!), I have some mystery questions for you to answer. Let's see how many of you can get a perfect score.

1. Which mystery heroine had a best friend named Bess Myerson?

2. Which fictional detective first met his romantic interest when she was on trial for poisoning her lover?

3. Which hard boiled detective enjoyed playing chess by himself?

4. Which world-famous, prolific mystery writer lived for many years in Iraq?

5. Which famous fictional detective once said, "Women are never to be entirely trusted; not the best of them."

6. Which novelist and playwright won an Edgar for her novel A Dram of Poison?

7. Who came first, Auguste Dupin or Sherlock Holmes?

8. Which MWA Grand Master created Chief Inspector Jules Maigret?

9. Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo won an Edgar for their fourth novel, The Laughing Policeman. What else is distinctive about this writing team?

10. What are the names of the novels written by the Poe's Deadly Daughters? :)

Okay, how did you do? Are you a mystery expert? Let us know! (Answers to be posted later).


Sharon Wildwind said...

Argggh! I hate brain teasers before I've even had my breakfast. Great questions.

Julia Buckley said...

But you have to take a stab at them! (No pun intended).

Lonnie Cruse said...

Sigh, I could only come up with 4 answers. Let's see if I'm right.

2. Wimsey
3. Holmes
5. Poirot
7. Holmes

Did I win anything?

Julia Buckley said...

Hi, Lonnie! Thanks for playing. Wimsey is correct, but #3 refers to Chandler's Philip Marlowe, #5 is actually spoken by Sherlock Holmes to Watson, and #7--August Dupin preceded Holmes, which is why Poe, our father, is credited with the creation of the classical detective, not Conan-Doyle.

Anyone want to try for the remaining questions?

Sandra Ruttan said...

You know what? I SUCK at this. Every year at Harrogate they have a quiz night and the very worst thing for me is getting on a team of people who actually think they can win! Because the only question I could answer is the last one, and that feels a bit like cheating... said...

1. Nancy Drew
2. Lord Wimsey
3. Phillip Marlowe
4. Agatha Christie
5. Sherlock Holmes
6. Charlotte Armstrong
7. Dupin, 1841 (Holmes didn't show up until 1887)
8. Georges Simenon
9. They're married to each other.
10. The Dark Backward, Madeline Mann, Death Will Get You Sober (not yet out), Soldier on the Porch (not out yet), Some Welcome Home, First Murder in Advent, The Heat of the Moon, Disturbing the Dead, Malice in Metropolis, Murder in Metropolis, Married in Metropolis, Murder Beyond Metropolis, Fifty-Seven Heaven (not out yet)

Lonnie Cruse said...

Cough, Wow, is Lori right? I'm impressed at how many she came up with!

Julia Buckley said...

You are the queen, Lori! We'll have to think of a prize to send you! All of your answers are correct.

Thanks for playing our game. :)

Sandra, I know what you mean. I always think I'll win Trivial Pursuit, and then I don't.

Elizabeth Zelvin said...

Lori, you're a double winner to me for mentioning my book, coming out in April 2008. Thank you! :) said...

I was a little nervous about Phillip Marlow and I was nervous I'd miss one of your books! Actually, I think Sharon has written one outside the mystery category that I didn't put in. But you're all on my list of newer writers who I am gradually exploring. It's very exciting to see all the great books you're writing! Thanks for blazing a trail for the rest of us!
:-) Lori